Friday, 28 March 2014

flying away


Lowell said...

It must still be cold up there. I can see the tag on their leg - it reads "Florida"!

Lowell said...

Me again. RE your comment on The Villages: You are absolutely right. The place is expanding so fast. 30 years ago it was orange there are over 80,000 people spread over god knows how many miles; 3 home-towns and 35-40,000 people and they're selling something like 1,000 homes a week.

About 10 years ago we checked out the place...stayed there for 4 days in one of their villas. It was busy then. But we were driven around in a tram with a "tour guide" and she went on and on gushing about how it was so wonderful in The Villages and how all these people were moving there, etc., etc. I finally asked, "Yes, but at what point do all these people turn your paradise into some sort of hell?"
She got terribly flustered and said, "Oh, that will never happen." And then she went on with her blubbering.

Well, it's one big massive traffic jam and getting bigger every day. We like to go visit (it's about 30 miles south of Ocala) but we really like coming home!

William Kendall said...

Excellent shot!

Thus far, I haven't seen any here, but it could be soon.

Stuart said...

A wonderful shot !

Karl Demetz said...

Great shot!