Tuesday, 4 December 2012


William Myles 1819-1885
his wife Sarah Homan 1822-1874
and their eldest son
William H Myles 1843-1916

for a Taphophile Tragics at Hamilton Cemetery



You take the loveliest cemetery shots - both sad and beautiful, as always.

Lowell said...

Interesting monument. But I'm wondering why the angel looks so bored.

Kim said...

That's a nice one! As much as I poke around cemeteries, I've not seen a carving like this before. I love that the angel holds a palm frond. (Lowel, the angel is having a long wait for something anticipated, I think).

hamilton said...

this is rather unusual, isn't it?

Beneath Thy Feet said...

what a beautifully unusual stone. I like it.