Sunday, 30 December 2012

a happy family restaurant

Russell Williams
on Plains Rd


Lowell said...

That is a very happy banner, help up, I presume, by Dad and Mom.

I like the idea of a "family" restaurant, even though I know it's used as a "come-on," and that some "family" cooking is really awful! :-) I'd sure give it a try, though. Have you eaten there?

hamilton said...

I have eaten there many times. Huge portions of good food - the best omelettes anywhere!
and it is family run, with waitresses who have been around for decades.
The 'banner' is actually painted on and each stocking has the name of one of the staff

Lowell said...

Sounds like my kind of place!

Re your comment on The Villages: The commentators/narrators on those boat trips are for the most part "good ol' boys," who love people, love to entertain and have lot of tales to tell. They make the trip lots of fun.