Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Kenton Van Pelt was spending a few days at his grandparent's cottage when tragedy struck. He was 15 years old, a boy who was an avid swimmer and loved the outdoors and enjoying his summer before starting grade 11 at Hamilton District Christian High School in September. No-one knows quite what happened after Kenton dived off the dock at Georgian Bay, but it would be five hours before his body was found. He leaves behind a large mourning community of friends at his school and church and family. Born on September 6, 1996, the youngest child of Michael and Deani Van Pelt and brother of Meghan and Andrea. He drowned on July 28, 2012 and is now resting at the St John's Anglican Church Cemetery in Ancaster.

for a Taphophile Tragics at St John's Anglican Church Cemetery


Paul in Powell River said...

I have no problems with posts showing graves that are historic, but I wonder, when you post these recent ones, what the relatives might think if they stumble on your post.

hamilton said...

I found the simple cross with the three large pots of mums to be very poignant and felt a little choked up when I realized whose grave this was.
This was tragic event that was well reported in all news media and I hope that my post has been treated with respect. I also found several other blog posts from friends of the family, and of Kenton, with loving words and stories.

Nicola Carpenter said...

Wouldn't he have been 18 in 2012 or is my math wrong? My daughter was born in 1998 and she turned 14 in 2012.

Beautiful simple cross and lovely flowers.

Beneath Thy Feet

Hamilton said...

no, you are not wrong - my typing is wrong. he was born in 1996. I've corrected this now.