Friday, 12 October 2012




Lowell said...

Oh wow! If there is one thing I miss about the northland, it's the changing colors in the fall and spring! This is gorgeous!

Re your comment: actually, we did take a few photos of the 57 Ford Fairlane. I've got one around here somewhere. The 55 Chevy we drove from Minneapolis to Phoenix and back twice. It was a lovely car. No a/c, though. The only problem we had was a busted muffler somewhere in the wilds of Oklahoma on Route 66. :-)

RedPat said...

Wow - to quote Lowell. Fabulous.


Now that is amazing! I love the contrast with these complementary colors!

(ps. I really did think I'd entered some time-space continuum when I saw that 1920s train go by:)) said...

This is Beautiful shot you got! I got my burning Bush at the side entrance wee

landscape garden patch

entrance walk way of the Butterfly Pavilian.

Did it burn down someone said? I think going to Niagra on the Lake highway left side

is the B. Pavilian.