Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sound of Music Festival

Sunday afternoon
at Spencer Smith Park
every year, on Father's Day Weekend, the waterfront park and downtown streets of Burlington are taken over by various musical acts at a dozen locations accompanied by stalls selling stuff.



It looks so festive and summery. I like that you get a great music festival to go with Father's Day weekend.

Lowell said...

Aha! The old comix effect. I love this - the photo and the music fest, the stalls - what great fun!

You have a sharp eye. That photo was taken about a month ago. It was close to 100 degrees here today. But then some folks do take jackets with them 'cause some of the stores and restaurants have their A/C set uncomfortably low! :)

RedPat said...

That effect works perfectly for this shot!

Peter said...

Yes love the effect and the happy crowd.