Tuesday, 22 January 2013


the children of George and Isabella Moore may have been born in Hamilton or Wentworth County, but only Caroline seems to have stayed nearby, her brothers all having moved to various parts of the US

for a Taphophile Tragics at Hamilton Cemetery



It's always amazing to me seeing so many names together like this. Seems like people don't do this as much anymore (at least in the States, where there's such mobility...)

Peter said...

A long lineage, I hope they are classed as 'locals' and not 'blow-ins'

Nicola Carpenter said...

I think back in those days it was normal for the men to strike out and the women to stay close to home. Fantastic picture.

Beneath Thy Feet

Jo said...

Nice photo -- and thanks for sharing on Taphophile Tragics! It's nice that even if the family wasn't all together in one place, that they are all listed on the memorial together.