Wednesday, 19 September 2012


on Cannon St


Lowell said...

I see the words, "Home, design, clothing." Not sure that color is going to attract too many people, though. I like your treatment of the photo!

Halcyon said...

Cute place!
Do you know a J.H. Gordon Bookstore on King St?
Could you feature a photo? I'd like to see it! :)

hamilton said...

Yes, I do and yes, I can.
I actually have taken a photo of it but was not happy with the result and have been meaning to go back.

hamilton said...

it is a tiny shop, just off the main drag, so needs the colour to attract attention.
I just liked the combination of colours (sortof - as a photog, you understand!)

RedPat said...

I like the look of this place!
I'll take a pic of my Blundstones soon and let you know. We could post them on the same day for fun.