Friday, 30 December 2011


of Hamilton
who gave it his name
Erected by the City of Hamilton to the memory of 
George Hamilton M.P. (1788-1836)
in recognition of his valuable gifts and services


Julie said...

I went away for two days, and am now madly trying to catch up. Thank you so much for your contribution to Taphophile Tragics. It certainly is a good solid memorial to Mr George Hamilton, containing just about every geometrical shape known to man!

Thanks for coming on board. Your support is most welcome.

Lowell said...

When I saw the name I immediately thought of an American actor by the same name who is noted for his tan! :-)

Loved the link to "taphophile tragics." Kangaroos are beyond my understanding...but I live them a lot!

Peter said...

Thanks for the comment on my Sydney Australia site, wasn't a big Oprah fan pre-Australia visit but actually liked what she was doing. Also love your photos and 'clean' blog look. Always revealing seeing another part of the world.